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A Beautiful Touch
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A Beautiful Touch

Let your hands enjoy deep cleanliness and luxurious care with eponé Hand Care.

One hand cares for the other. Here’s how to do it: Apply a small amount of eponé Sublime Hand & Nail Cream to the back of your hand and spread it evenly in gentle circular motions using your other back hand. Don’t forget to include the backs of your fingers in this harmonious pas de deux! Then, turn your attention to the fingernails and cuticles—massage the cream thoroughly, moving in small circles again. By now, almost all of the cream should have been absorbed and it’s time for your palms to get some care too. Softly rub both hands, wrapping one around the other, and work in the remaining product. Enjoy your freshly nourished skin and the warm, powdery scent enveloping your precious hands.

Why do we start by applying cream to the back of the hand and not the palm? Because we want to bring all the nourishing benefits and majority of the product’s quantity to where it’s truly needed. Our palms can only absorb very little hydrating care as they’re designed to release moisture instead. By applying cream sparingly on the insides, we also ensure that our hands are ready-to-use immediately after application, without any greasy residue. So, next time someone offers you hand cream after washing your hands, hold out the back of your hand and reveal yourself to be a hand-care connoisseur.

In the coming months, our hands will be exposed to constant shifts between warm and cold: from indoors to outdoors, from heating air to fresh, winter air. While the rest of our body is usually covered in layers, our hands often remain bare and unprotected. Your hands may be uncovered but we got you covered: eponé Hand Care offers effective protection and lasting beauty with its comprehensively cleansing, smoothing and deeply nourishing properties. Feeling luxurious right down to your fingertips.

Protect. Strengthen. Pamper.
eponé Sublime Hand & Nail Cream

The best of everything that’s been proven to benefit stressed and sensitive skin is included in the eponé Sublime Hand & Nail Cream formula. The unique holistic care spectrum is rich in protective vitamins and antioxidants that can relieve even the most irritated skin, providing deep hydration and soothing care. Its main ingredients are Cupuacu Butter from the Amazon, Macadamia Oil from Hawaii, and White Tea Extract from Darjeeling, while its refinement comes in the form of probiotic-rich Kombucha.

The soft Cupuacu Butter is extracted from the seeds of the eastern Amazonian Cupuacu tree and brings its skin-soothing effects into this exquisite formulation. The ingredient’s moisturizing and nourishing properties ensure improved skin elasticity. Together with our luscious Macadamia Oil, they create an unbeatable hydrating duet providing all the extra richness that our hands and nails need in winter. Macadamia Oil is particularly well-absorbed by the skin as its characteristic range of fatty acids strengthens the protective barrier of the epidermis and enhances its ability to regenerate. Joining these two powerhouses is our elegant White Tea Extract. Valued for its rejuvenating properties, this important ingredient binds free radicals, protects the skin from UV radiation and repairs skin tissue. Last but not least, Kombucha crowns this beautiful composition. Lauded for its multitude of protective, nourishing and revitalizing substances, this probiotic-rich ingredient can balance the pH value and stabilizes the skin microbiome. Kombucha also ensures improved absorption of all other active ingredients, thereby optimizing the interplay of nourishment, long-lasting protection and effective anti-aging.

Creamy, warm and luxurious! Thanks to its fine, silky texture, eponé Sublime Hand & Nail Cream protects hands and nails, and absorbs particularly quickly leaving our hands feeling wonderfully nourished and smooth. A cloud of powdery scent envelops the hands like a gentle caress: almond and mandarin, jasmine and tuberose blossoms, sensual vanilla—unobtrusive and irresistible.

Adding a BEAUTIFUL TOUCH to any day is an art of its own.

As children, we first take everything we discover around us in our hands. We understand the world by sensing and touching it. Unlike our eyes, ears and nose, our hands come into physical contact with what they perceive. Still as adults, we want to know what an interesting fabric feels like, our hands like to glide over the surface of a piece of furniture, or celebrate the application of a precious cream as a sensual experience. The desire to touch is inherent in us: even metaphorically speaking, we take our fate into our own hands.

One hand washes the other—multiple times a day. As soon as we get home, always before a meal, after working on the computer or in the garden. The feeling of clean hands is wonderful and grounding. At eponé, we like to describe hand-washing as a mini version of a shower: we can rinse everything off and feel refreshed and focused afterwards.

Deeply cleansing and soothing
eponé Gentle Hand Wash

The more sensitive our hands are, the more we have to withstand their daily wear and tear. For maximum care, our Gentle Hand Wash combines subtly cleansing jojoba pearls with select active ingredients to create a special exfoliating experience. The skin is cleansed deep into the pores and becomes particularly receptive to subsequent treatments. Valuable plant extracts rich in antioxidants protect against free radicals while delivering moisturizing, revitalizing and mineralizing benefits.

Green Caviar from Okinawa, Pomegranate from Israel and Green Tea from Assam join forces in eponé Gentle Hand Wash as the three main potent ingredients. The vegan Green Caviar, which is a particular seaweed extract, is rich in vitamins A and C as well as omega-3 fatty acids. It boosts collagen production, preserves the skin’s moisture and promotes increased elasticity. Pomegranate is the formulation’s protective and regenerating ally, having a positive effect even on extremely stressed skin. Green Tea has an invigorating, cleansing and slightly anti-inflammatory effect. Its high zinc content is particularly effective in preventing skin irritation, which makes it an outstanding anti-ageing ingredient. Damascene Rose, the composition’s refinement, caresses the hands and harmonizes the senses. Its healing properties refresh, strengthen and rebalance irritated skin.

Clean, nourished and precious: eponé Gentle Hand Wash leaves skin feeling smooth and silky. Accompanied by herbal notes, warm citrus and precious woods. Natural freshness and elegant depth: a special scent that grounds and clarifies the senses.

Apply eponé Gentle Hand Wash to damp hands, lather gently and wash thoroughly. Rinse with warm water. After each wash, your hands are lightly pampered and ready to go, or perfectly prepped for further care with eponé Sublime Hand & Nail Cream.

It‘s in our own HANDS to make each day feel special.

Well-groomed hands are our personal calling card, a wonderful means of expression. When we shake hands to greet each other, the handshake conveys a message that we interpret consciously or subconsciously. Is it gentle and empathetic, reserved or demanding, perhaps unpleasantly clammy or too firm? What if the other person doesn’t let go? And awkwardly continues to shake our hand for the entire duration of the greeting? We keep calm — there are numerous cultural variations of this universal gesture which highlights our human connection.

And our JOURNEY goes on …

Tipp: Eine wunderbare Heiterkeit hat meine ganze Seele eingenommen, gleich den süßen Frühlingsmorgen, die ich mit ganzem Herzen genieße. Ich bin allein und freue mich meines Lebens in dieser Gegend, die für solche Seelen geschaffen ist wie die meine. Ich bin so glücklich

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